Our Vision

We envision a community where foster children emerge from the system with equal opportunities in education, health, and career. Through our Step-Beyond Program, fostered youth gain valuable tools for approaching their futures with confidence, self-discipline, and a positive attitude. Fostered youth are instilled with the value of hard work and make healthy life decisions informed by spiritual, social, intellectual, and emotional awareness. We believe that character, scholarship, uplift, and perseverance, combined with friendship, love and truth, will lead to peace, happiness and prosperity.

Through our three-pronged approach of working with foster youth, health care advocacy, and community activism; we envisage strong and healthy communities governed by good public policies, which are not only essential for youth transitioning from foster care to flourish, but for all youth transitioning into adulthood.


Our Goals

  • To provide educational development and increase awareness among  fostered youth through our Step-Beyond Program
  • To provide positive role models to increase self-esteem among fostered youth
  • To reduce the risk of youth turning to substance abuse by providing structured programs and workforce development activities
  • To improve the self-sufficiency of fostered youth through the provision of life skills development training and semi-independent living facilities
  • To increase education and awareness for prevention of catastrophic illnesses like cancer, diabetes etc
  • To conduct fundraising activities to allow us to make contributions to Health Care providers for research and health management
  • To advocate on behalf of the citizens of our community for good public policy that promotes safe and healthy environments for us to live in.

Our Objectives

  • Increase the number of program participants who, after completing high school, enroll in community colleges or four-year universities by 20%
  •  Establish semi-independent living facilities with resident advisers, to accommodate 20% of youth in the Step-Beyond Program by 2017.
  • Conduct annual fund raising activities which include a health management awareness workshop, i.e.; Annual Prostate Cancer Survivor Golf Outing in Detroit, MI.
  • To participate in various health care advocacy events such as Substance Abuse Prevention Roundtable, Alcohol Policy, Foster Care Youth fundraising in Lansing, MI.
  • To establish coalitions and collaborate with organizations which have similar objectives as the Center with Foster Care Youth, Health Care, and Community Action.